2020 EPIS Conference
Psychoanalysis, Phenomenology & Critical Theory
July 31 - August 1

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EPIS Post Graduate Programs

2-Year, 4-Year, & 7-Year Post Graduate Program in Existential Psychoanalysis and Phenomenology

Registration now open

Contact Dr. Kevin Boileau for details and information.


EPIS Education

EPIS Education offers several clinical and academic diploma/certificate programs in both psychoanalysis and phenomenology. Students in our 2-year or 4-year programs in psychoanalysis and phenomenology include psychologists, psychotherapists, and mental health counselors who hold at least an M.A., although we occasionally admit gifted students without these credentials.

We also have programs in psychoanalysis for educators at any level, and programs in phenomenology that are purely academic for students in any discipline, including philosophy, sociology, history, art, law, or science/mathematics.

We also host an annual summit, held at the University of Montana in Missoula, Montana.

All certificates include a tuition reimbursement program. As a preliminary step to any of these programs, we also offer a 3-month introductory program.

Contact Dr. Kevin Boileau, Ph.D., J.D., @ 415.830.0065 or or for more information.

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