Philosophical Counseling, Existential Psychoanalysis & Applied Phenomenology

A Rational Choice to Deal with the Existential, Relational, Social, Spiritual, and Physical Problems All Humans Face


Psychologists and mental health counselors who are EPIS members and practicing clinicians are involved in teaching and research in psychoanalysis and phenomenology as part of their professional development. They are regulated by the state laws of their geographical practice areas.

Philosophical counselors and existential psychoanalysts are not necessarily psychologists, nor do they wish to be. They do NOT have Ph.D.s in Psychology, nor are we mental health counselors, although they have extensive academic and professional backgrounds in psychology and mental health therapy.

As such, philosophical counselors and existential psychoanalysts are not necessarily regulated by any Montana licensing board for mental health or psychological counseling or therapy (unless they are also licensed clinical psychologists). In contrast, most philosophical counselors and existential psychoanalysts have Ph.D.s in Philosophy and are specifically trained as philosophical counselors, existential psychoanalysts, and applied phenomenologists. T

hey engage in scientific research, write articles and books in psychoanalysis and philosophy, and lead/attend seminars for post-graduate students and professionals in psychoanalysis, existential phenomenology, Critical Theory, and Deconstruction. We are often members of the American Philosophical Practitioner’s Association in New York, moral theorists, and professors & counselors at The Existential Psychoanalytic Institute & Society, headquartered in Missoula, Montana, USA.

We at EPIS have been developing new paradigms in conflict resolution practice, which we believe can be profoundly informed by psychoanalytic research and clinical practice.

For Prospective Clients of Dr. Kevin Boileau, Ph.D., J.D.
I have education and training (bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and post-doctoral) at the University of Colorado at Boulder, the University of Florida, the University of New Mexico, San Diego State University, The University of San Diego, the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law, the Existential Psychoanalytic Institute, and Harvard University’s Program in Negotiation. I have taught at the university level for over twenty years in both U.S. and European schools.

Currently, I am a professor at the Existential Psychoanalytic Institute & Society. I am Professor of Psychoanalysis & Phenomenology at the Center for Global Advanced Studies. I have also published several books dealing with existential issues, including my most recent theoretical work entitled, Essays on Phenomenology and the Self, EPIS Publishing Co., 2012.

I regularly see clients who want to address problems and issues in their professional and personal lives. These clients usually enter philosophical counseling or psychoanalysis with me to explore problems they are facing in their marriage or relationship, life transitions and death in the family, physical ailments and mortality, meaningless and confusion about what to do in life, spirituality/religion, and questions about topics we don’t understand, personal identity, and sexuality.

Typically, sessions are 45 minutes on a weekly basis, although some individuals find it rewarding to come 2 or 3 times per week. On occasion, some growth and transformation can occur over a period of several weeks, but I have found that profound and sustainable positive change usually occurs over 1 – 4 years. For couples who face these problems and issues together, sessions can be longer, sometimes 75 or 90 minutes, and often the groundwork itself is built over several weeks.

Couples who want long-term sustained developmental and relational growth often enjoy the rewards that come from dedicated ongoing work. For couples facing crisis involving infidelity, possible divorce, blended family or extended family issues, I advise parallel mediation work.  In addition to office visits, I am also available to communicate with clients over the telephone, Skype, and other modern technologies if we decide that they enhance and facilitate regular weekly sessions.

I offer sliding-fee payment structures that match current income and wealth situations of each client. Most often, my fees match the fees of a senior psychologist, mediator, or professional negotiator, ranging from $150 – 300 per session, subject to my sliding scale fee policy. I am always able to construct a fee schedule that works for you, even if the fee is lower than my normal rate, so please be open to discussing this with me.

All psychoanalytic and philosophical appointments are by video-conference, the following addresses are for mail and business purposes.

The office address for philosophical counseling, existential psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic research, and the international teaching of phenomenology is:

Dr. Kevin Boileau, Ph.D., J.D., LL.M.
The Existential Psychoanalytic Institute & Society
2026 S 9th W. #4
Missoula, Montana 59804.

The office address for mediation, professional negotiation, the Western Montana Mediation Association, and professional mediation training is:

Dr. Kevin Boileau, Ph.D., J.D., LL.M.
Boileau Conflict Solutions
2026 S 9th W. #4 Missoula, Montana 59804

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