EPIS Offices

EPISThe Existential Psychoanalytic Institute & Society –  is a contemporary psychoanalytic society, research institute, and educational forum dedicated to the exploration and treatment of the human condition through a synthesis of existential analysis, traditional psychoanalysis, phenomenology, and critical theory.

Our membership is national and international, with easily-accessible, web-based seminars, an annual summer conference, and opportunities to publish in our peer-reviewed journal and at our professional press (EPIS Press).   Although our research institute is based in Montana, we are expanding our physical presence into Southern California. As such, we welcome new members, whether you are a professional, professor, or student. We also have an educational program in existential psychoanalysis you can review at episeducation.com.

New Southern California members will be able to meet at our offices in Solana Beach, CA, with additional opportunities for conference space in San Diego County, Orange County, and Los Angeles County.  We also offer convenient access to through web-conferencing at no additional cost.

We started EPIS in 2001-2 to provide innovative, forward-thinking psychoanalytic seminars, research, and discussion that would be integrated with discourses in phenomenology, critical theory, and philosophy – a much needed additional in our view.  From the moment of that inception, we have continued to learn from this expanded and deepened view of psychoanalysis, and the human condition.

For more information, please contact:

Prof./Dr. Kevin Boileau, PhD
Dean of Faculty, EPIS Education
Existential Psychoanalytic Institute & Society

Office Locations

Berkeley, California
Silicon Valley, California
San Diego, California
Bozeman, Montana (Research Institute)