Epis Radio

EPIS Radio: Radio for the Thinking Person

Who is the EPIS Radio Show?

We launched the EPIS Radio program at blogtalkradio.com in 2012-13 as a way to bring recondite and challenging ideas into an accessible, intriguing, and fun format. Through presentation, discussion, and interviews, we highlight important social and national topics that we address through psychoanalysis, phenomenology, critical theory, history and other important discourses. We interview philosophers, psychoanalysts, writers, other thinkers, and folks who have an interesting perspective. It is a weekly show, one that we never miss. However, if you miss a show then you can access a free recording from the website.


What Are the Goals of the EPIS Radio Show?

The goals are to bring important issues to public information, discussion, and debate. Over the years, we have addressed important social topics in education, government, healthcare; and philosophical topics concerning Eros, authenticity, violence, animal rights, human rights, environmental and climate issues.  Our participants are steeped in psychoanalysis, critical theory, and phenomenology; and difficult discourses in other toolkits like advanced mathematics, logic, set theory, category theory, and game theory, as they relate to the issues of freedom and justice, theoretically and in some cases, clinically.


Why Should People Care About this Show?

If you are a person who cares about the world and have an academic, clinical, or informal interest in psychoanalysis and related disciplines, you will enjoy its casual but highly thought-provoking and informative approach.   You can email the show with questions and we will respond.  You can also enjoy small, inexpensive book copies of our shows on Amazon.com. If you want to participate in positive change, and enter a caring, thoughtful community, this is an easy way to do it!

Join Us!

Join us for our weekly radio show on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. Mountain Time or replay our archived shows anytime.