On The Origin Of The Self


In this finely edited book of Henry Elkin's work, Loray Daws tells the story of Elkin's brilliance in a way that calls us once again to see Elkin's central concerns with soul and soul care without sentimentalism or pathologization. Elkin's life and work exhibit great courage and affirmative openness to engagement with disturbing and excluded topics at an open table set for individuals from various disciplines and walks of life. Daws' style also keeps Elkin's personal vulnerability at the heart of the matter, thus showing Elkin's dismantling of the fatal error of quarantining our humanity from our practices of care for those who suffer and entrust their well-being to us. …The readership for this book should be massive and expand across any and every discipline whose charge it is to care for the lived meaning found in various life-worlds from womb to tomb. Professor Todd DuBose