If you want to submit a well-edited manuscript of your work, please follow these instructions.  We will respond to all inquiries in a timely fashion.

First, send a general inquiry on the contact form of this site or to one of the email addresses listed there as well.  Feel free to call one of the phone numbers provided as well.  We will return all inquiries.

Second, submit both an outline and an abstract/summary of your work.  Tell us your reasons for submitting your work to our publishing company and how you think it fits into our fields of publication.  Tell us why your work is valuable and why you think people would want to read it.

Third, submit a PDF of the whole work.

Fourth, provide a resume or biographical summary of you that includes basic information about yourself, including where you live, whether you have any professional affiliations, previously published work, and work that is currently in process.

Fifth, provide the best email, telephone, and other contact information, and the most convenient way we can reach you

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