Conflict Resolution

Cooperative Conflict Resolution

Members of EPIS believe strongly that its projects should ultimately result in the betterment of the lives of the individuals and communities they serve.

As such, therapists and counselors associated with EPIS have strong private practices in cooperative conflict resolution and negotiation, both with married/partnered couples and with business/organizational partners and associates.

This work extends to collaborative family law and civil law disputes, including mediation and other forms of non-adversarial conflict resolution.

A group of EPIS Worldwide members provide conflict solution and mediation services using psychology, game theory math, discourse analysis, law, and other sciences to help our clients create innovative, cost-effective solutions to their conflicts. We have created a national firm with extensive experience handling and resolving conflicts and relationships in animal rights, human rights, business, family, land, water, and other domains. Our clients are private individuals, partnerships, small businesses, corporations, organizations, and other stakeholders. Whether it be full-on mediation, conflict assessment, consultation and review, coaching, research, or related services, we employ thoughtful, reflective techniques to bring conflict partners to win-win, highly positive outcomes.