Who We Are

Mission: The mission of EPIS Education is to provide first-rate education, training, and professional advancement for students all over the world, in programs focusing on psychoanalysis, critical theory, and phenomenology.

Our Difference: Our programs are unique, progressive, and may not fit into narrowly-conceived, typical bureaucratic standards.  As such, we do not seek accreditation by any accrediting body that may limit the quality, depth, and breadth of our programs.  The excellent quality of our programs speaks for itself (res ipsa loquitur).

We don’t just provide education in phenomenology, classical psychoanalysis, or existential psychotherapy/analysis.  In addition to these discursive practices, we also rigorously train in french deconstruction, critical theory, semiology, cultural criticism, and all related scientific disciplines, including neuro-psychoanalysis.

We are different!

Location: Online virtual

Delivery Methods: All of our learning programs can be accessed through Zoom video and other online services anywhere in the world where there is Internet service.

Join the Faculty:   All graduates are entitled to become part of the research or teaching faculty.

Publication: Some of our programs offer publication possibilities through EPIS Press and EPIS Journal: Psychoanalysis, Phenomenology & Critical Theory, the official academic journal of the institute, www.episjournal.com.

Associated Faculty

Kevin Boileau, PhD, PhD, JD/LLM

Steven Goldman, PhD

Michel Valentin, PhD

Loray Daws, PhD

Gary Kolb, PsyD, PhD

Julian Von Will, PhD

Robert Corrington, PhD

Richard Curtis, PhD

Affiliated Faculty

Ellie Ragland, PhD

Roger Burggraeve, PhD

David A. Boileau, PhD deceased