Philosophical Counseling, Existential Psychoanalysis & Applied Phenomenology

A Rational Choice to Deal with the Existential, Relational, Social, Spiritual, and Physical Problems All Humans Face


Psychologists and mental health counselors who are EPIS members and practicing clinicians are involved in teaching and research in psychoanalysis and phenomenology as part of their professional development. They are regulated by the state laws of their geographical practice areas.

Philosophical counselors and existential psychoanalysts are not necessarily psychologists, but they might be. They all have extensive academic and professional backgrounds in psychology and mental health therapy.

As such, psychologists are regulated by state licensing boards. Philosophical counselors and existential psychoanalysts are not necessarily regulated by any state licensing boards for mental health or psychological counseling or therapy (unless they are also licensed clinical psychologists).

Most philosophical counselors and existential psychoanalysts have Ph.D.s in Philosophy and/or Psychoanalysis and are specifically trained as philosophical counselors, existential psychoanalysts, and applied phenomenologists.

Psychologists and psychoanalysts associated with EPIS engage in scientific research, write articles and books in psychoanalysis and philosophy, and lead/attend seminars for post-graduate students and professionals in psychoanalysis, existential phenomenology, critical theory, and deconstruction.

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