Welcome to EPIS Worldwide

Welcome to EPIS Worldwide

Existential Psychoanalytic Institute & Society

The Existential Psychoanalytic Institute & Society (EPIS) is a contemporary psychoanalytic society and research institute, dedicated to the exploration and treatment of the human condition through a synthesis of classical, existential, and contemporary psychoanalysis, phenomenology, and critical theory. EPIS is committed to exploring these questions with a receptive attitude rather than a dogmatic one, looking forward as well as backward. The aim is to search for truth with an open mind and an attitude of wonder instead of fitting humans into pre-established categories and interpretations. Our society is rigorous but welcoming in its approach.



Easy-access International Education in Psychoanalysis & Phenomenology

As a part of its overall mission, the Existential Psychoanalytic Institute & Society (EPIS) offers educational programs for psychotherapists, educators, academics, and artists. Each of our diploma programs utilizes the methods of phenomenology, psychoanalysis & critical theory with the goal of deepening a student-researcher’s understanding of his or her own discipline. Our student body is both diverse and pluralist, and our cohort groups small. This affords EPIS the ability to customize each educational program to the individual needs of each researcher. Our diploma programs can be accessed and completed through Zoom and other online access services from most locations on the globe.

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About EPIS Press

For nearly two decades, EPIS Press has been publishing works in theory and literature whose basic concern is the human condition and the ways we interface with ourselves, other species, and the environment. By producing both theoretical and creative work, our books appeal to the intellectual, the psychoanalyst, the philosopher, and the creative artist.  In addition, we publish new work in concert with our radio show, EPIS Radio, “Radio for the Thinking Person,” and have published several volumes from archived transcripts (Radio Conversations on trans-humanism, design, and violence). In 2012, we developed the academic journal, Presencing EPIS, renamed as EPIS Journal: Psychoanalysis, Phenomenology & Critical Theory. We accept book manuscripts from seasoned academics as well as new authors on important themes and questions.

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Psychoanalysis, Applied Phenomenology & Philosophical Counseling

Psychologists and mental health counselors who are EPIS members and practicing clinicians are involved in teaching and research in psychoanalysis and phenomenology as part of their professional development. They are regulated by the state laws of their geographical practice areas. Most philosophical counselors and existential psychoanalysts have a Ph.D. in Philosophy and/or Psychoanalysis, and are specifically trained as philosophical counselors, existential psychoanalysts, applied phenomenologists, and psychoanalysts. Psychologists and psychoanalysts associated with EPIS engage in scientific research, write articles and books in psychoanalysis and philosophy, and lead/attend seminars for post-graduate students and professionals in psychoanalysis, existential phenomenology & critical theory.

Conflict Resolution

EPIS Research in Non-Violent Conflict Resolution

One of the research projects EPIS has been conducting for several years studies violence, non-violence, and various forms of conflict resolution design. Through the use of psychoanalysis, phenomenology, and critical theory, EPIS Research investigates the potential for new approaches to conflict and its resolution. This necessarily involves the study of new ontologies, subjectivities, and noetic structures. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us.


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