Abject Poverty


Abject Poverty delivers a powerful socio-political critique of Western culture. Pushing into exploring the terrors of totalitarianism and bourgeois ideology, this work of fi ction delivers hours of enjoyment and thought-provoking questions about the self, belief systems, relationships, and what you thought you knew about how society works. Set in an apocalyptic, futuristic time—which could be today—the novel will impact you viscerally and emotionally. Enjoy.

Dr. Kevin Boileau has been writing about the human condition for several years. All of his several theoretical and literary publications pursue an understanding of the vagaries, struggles, and foibles of the Western self and its multitude of narrative structures. Boileau is a philosopher and social critic, interested in our political condition and, as such, brings to bear the methodologies of psychoanalysis and phenomenology to his work. He writes in the style of French minimalism and is considered a radical existentialist though he might eschew the term. He is the author of several books and articles, a regular speaker at local colloquia, and a professor of psychoanalytic theory, phenomenology, and philosophy.